The Brian Sadler Series

TEMPLE: The Prophecy of the Hidden Treasure (Book 7)- And I will give you the treasures of darkness, and hidden wealth of secret places, in order that you may know that it is I, the Lord, the God of… Continue Reading
The Black Cross (Book 6)- VOODOO New Orleans is one of America’s most unusual and interesting cities. Some of its residents go about their lives just as everyone else does, but there is one startling… Continue Reading
Order of Succession: Getting Away with Murder (Book 5)- NOT SINCE 9/11 . . . One evening in the midst of prime-time programming, networks worldwide interrupt to announce that Air Force Two, a Boeing 747 carrying the Vice President… Continue Reading
The Bones in the Pit (Book 4)- The fourth book in the Brian Sadler Archaelogical Mystery series was eagerly awaited by fans who’ve come to love the former stockbroker, Fifth Avenue gallery owner and amateur archaeologist.  Author… Continue Reading
The Strangest Thing (Book 3)- As the President of the United States disappears within the bowels of a Mayan temple the world holds its breath. What lies deep beneath the Temple of the Inscriptions in… Continue Reading
ANCIENT: A Search for the Lost City of the Mayas (Book 2)- “This is the second book in the Brian Sadler series that I’ve read. The first, I read in 20 hours flat. This one was close. I have a passion for… Continue Reading
The Bethlehem Scroll (Book 1)- It looked as though stockbroker and amateur archaeologist Brian Sadler had hit the jackpot when he joined Warren Taylor & Currant, Dallas’ hottest investment brokerage firm. Then the FBI arrived… Continue Reading

The Crypt Trilogy

Ghost Train: The Lost Gold of the Nazis- HAS A NAZI GOLD TRAIN BEEN HIDDEN IN A MOUNTAIN TUNNEL SINCE WORLD WAR II? Paul Silver, an international businessman and amateur adventurer, arrives in Berlin looking for information about… Continue Reading
The Crypt of the Ancients- A BUSLOAD OF AMERICAN TOURISTS IS KIDNAPPED AND HELD FOR RANSOM IN GUATEMALA As a sadistic killer holds a group of archaeology buffs hostage deep in the jungle, one of… Continue Reading
The Relic of the King- Buried beneath the streets of London are the answers to an ancient mystery •A wealthy man has secrets he struggles to keep hidden •A hundred people he blackmailed want his… Continue Reading

Apocalyptic Thrillers

The Outcasts: Life After the Great War of 2042- Seventeen-year-old Nate Dax sometimes asks himself if a person can die who’s never been alive. He’s an Outcast – he doesn’t have a government chip so the authorities don’t know… Continue Reading

Teen Fiction

The Legend of Gunners Cove- The best of all elements for a teenager’s book: Halloween, treasure, mystery, ships, ghosts and more. I thoroughly enjoyed the book (as an adult) and can’t wait to share with… Continue Reading

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