• The Most Haunted House in America?

    Some say the house – originally named Laurel Grove — was built on an Indian burial ground, and several people say they’ve seen the ghost of a Native American girl walking the property. But the hauntings I experienced at The Myrtles involve the family. When I was doing research for my Bayou Hauntings thriller The […]

  • The Experiments – Coming Soon

    Don’t miss the fifth installment of the best-selling Bayou Hauntings series, The Experiments! It’ll be available on Amazon in print or ebook on November 22! Everything’s been quiet in the bayou town of Jeanerette, Louisiana for years. The last big news was when those rich people burned to death at their plantation in 2003. Most […]

  • Next supernatural thriller is available now for pre-order on Amazon!

    Readers of “Callie:  The Bayou Hauntings 1” have asked for more, and we’re pleased to announce that the next installment is coming soon.  Here’s a preview of “Forgotten Men.” Louisiana Society for the Paranormal Calls the Asylum “Most Haunted Building in Louisiana” The once-famous Hotel Iberia was where society’s finest gathered in the days before […]

  • Herculaneum – it’s worth a visit if you go to Italy

    Everyone’s heard of Pompeii. But did you know about Herculaneum? At precisely one in the afternoon on August 24, 79 A.D., near present-day Naples, Italy, Mount Vesuvius erupted with a fury that blew two-thirds of the mountain away. Strong winds carried massive clouds of volcanic ash and smoke within minutes to the thriving commercial port […]

  • Merry Christmas

    Thanks to all of you who follow my book-writing adventures.  Here’s hoping you and yours have a warm, festive, fun-filled holiday time with friends and family!

  • Beth Shean, Scythopolis (BiblePlaces.com)

    Beth Shean, Scythopolis (BiblePlaces.com) My latest book TEMPLE:  The Prophecy of the Hidden Treasure, will be released on August 15.  Brian Sadler is back, trying to find out if the prophecy of Isaiah 45:3 is real.  The ancient city of Beth Shean (Beit She’an), which is located in northern Israel, is a prominent part of […]

  • Merry Christmas Eve!

    Good morning and Merry Christmas Eve.  Here’s hoping your holidays are merry and bright and you get everything you deserve … and more!  Thanks for your support of my books over the years.  I’m deeply grateful and I’m always working to bring you something you’ll enjoy. The Outcasts:  Life After the Great War of 2042 is […]

  • Author interview

    I was invited by A Drip of Truth blog to do an interview this week.  Thanks to them for promoting my books! See the interview here:  http://bit.ly/2cXHdES

  • Feature in Lori’s Reading Corner blog

    Thanks for the interview about my latest book, Order of Succession!   You can see it here: http://bit.ly/2dM3LcG

  • More great publicity for Order of Succession!

    Thanks to Book Marketing Buzzblog for their interview with me about my latest book.  You can see it here http://bit.ly/2d4l9Gv