• The Black Cross (Book 6)

    VOODOO New Orleans is one of America’s most unusual and interesting cities. Some of its residents go about their lives just as everyone else does, but there is one startling difference – they are practitioners of the Dark Arts. These people have extraordinary powers. They can cast spells, hex their enemies, compel others to do […]

  • Order of Succession: Getting Away with Murder (Book 5)

    NOT SINCE 9/11 . . . One evening in the midst of prime-time programming, networks worldwide interrupt to announce that Air Force Two, a Boeing 747 carrying the Vice President and Secretary of State of the USA, has disappeared after leaving Honolulu, Hawaii on a flight to Hong Kong. An extensive search and rescue effort […]

  • The Bones in the Pit (Book 4)

    The fourth book in the Brian Sadler Archaelogical Mystery series was eagerly awaited by fans who’ve come to love the former stockbroker, Fifth Avenue gallery owner and amateur archaeologist.  Author Bill Thompson’s first book in the Brian Sadler mystery series, The Bethlehem Scroll, won a first-place EVVY award for fiction.  This book continues the adventures of Brian […]

  • The Strangest Thing (Book 3)

    As the President of the United States disappears within the bowels of a Mayan temple the world holds its breath. What lies deep beneath the Temple of the Inscriptions in Palenque, Mexico? Does it shed light on a thousand-year-old question? Amateur archaeologist Brian Sadler intends to find out. Hundreds of years ago the Maya proliferated […]

  • ANCIENT: A Search for the Lost City of the Mayas (Book 2)

    “This is the second book in the Brian Sadler series that I’ve read. The first, I read in 20 hours flat. This one was close. I have a passion for South America and history and this book satisfied both as well as combining an element of mystery” – David Green, Amazon Reviewer An expedition disappears while […]

  • The Bethlehem Scroll (Book 1)

    It looked as though stockbroker and amateur archaeologist Brian Sadler had hit the jackpot when he joined Warren Taylor & Currant, Dallas’ hottest investment brokerage firm. Then the FBI arrived to investigate the company’s ties to the Mob, and Brian had to find a way out. In his last deal at the firm, he raised […]

  • The Legend of Gunners Cove

    The best of all elements for a teenager’s book: Halloween, treasure, mystery, ships, ghosts and more. I thoroughly enjoyed the book (as an adult) and can’t wait to share with my son when he’s a bit older – David Green, Amazon Reviewer It’s the Halloween the town will never forget! The Galvin family has the least […]