• Ghost Train: The Lost Gold of the Nazis

    HAS A NAZI GOLD TRAIN BEEN HIDDEN IN A MOUNTAIN TUNNEL SINCE WORLD WAR II? Paul Silver, an international businessman and amateur adventurer, arrives in Berlin looking for information about a fabled Nazi train full of priceless objects and gold. Along with answers he finds a deranged man who hated him in the past, a […]

  • The Crypt of the Ancients

    A BUSLOAD OF AMERICAN TOURISTS IS KIDNAPPED AND HELD FOR RANSOM IN GUATEMALA As a sadistic killer holds a group of archaeology buffs hostage deep in the jungle, one of the tourists escapes. Paul Silver came on this trip to learn about the ancient ruins at Piedras Negras, a site that may hold secrets from […]

  • The Relic of the King

    Buried beneath the streets of London are the answers to an ancient mystery •A wealthy man has secrets he struggles to keep hidden •A hundred people he blackmailed want his painful death •A partner will stop at nothing to keep ancient artifacts his and his alone. Whatever it takes, there will be no sharing of […]