Bundle: First Four Sadler Books on Amazon

Hi everyone!  I’ve got a deal for those of you who are interested in my latest book Order of Succession (the fifth Brian Sadler Archaeological Mystery) but you haven’t read all the others yet.

Now you can get the first four The Bethlehem Scroll – Ancient:  A Search for the Lost City of the Maya – The Strangest Thing and The Bones in the Pit – for one low price of $7.99.  Even better, you can read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

Just click here to see the bundle offer!   http://amzn.to/2adrvzd

The newest book, Order of Succession, follows Brian Sadler as he becomes involved in the disappearance of the President and Vice President of the USA.  A vulgar buffoon who is Speaker of the House ascends to the presidency, bringing dangerous friends and partners along with him.  This book has gotten critical acclaim and I’m told it’s the best one I’ve written.  Click here for the latest book:  http://amzn.to/2a9o5zn

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