My mid-year New Year’s resolution is to read a biography of each of our forty-four presidents.  I know a lot about some former presidents, very little about others, and I think it’ll be interesting to learn more.

I set a few rules to help myself.  First, there’s no set timeline for finishing.  I don’t intend to read presidential biographies to the exclusion of everything else, and as an author I have books of my own to write, so it may take three or four years to finish.  I’m in no hurry.

Second, I don’t have to read them in order.  I went to Half Price Books (which we are fortunate to have headquartered here in Dallas) and picked up six biographies ranging from Washington to Hoover.  I’ve finished George’s, and I decided to read John Adams (#2) next, but after his, I think I’ll begin skipping around so I maintain my interest level.

So far I’ve only bought books from the American Presidents Series (edited by Arthur Schlesinger Jr.) and I’m finding them a very good, concise way to learn enough about each without getting bogged down in a four-hundred-page book.  For later presidents I’m sure I will read other biographies.


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