Random Thoughts about the Coronavirus

The virus is on everyone’s minds – or should be. Ten days ago my wife and I decided it was the time to voluntarily self-quarantine, and I was glad I’d just finished a glorious sunny afternoon smoking cigars with friends. We have cut off our social interaction, instead staying home and dining from a well-stocked pantry. There’s plenty of wine too, and so we believe we’re prepared to weather another week, or two, or three, if necessary. For the time being, nobody comes in our house and we stay home except to walk our dogs.

I watch the news and am amazed at the odd things people are hoarding. Even before we self-quarantined, our grocery shelves were empty of paper goods and, of all things, bread. There wasn’t a bun, a croissant or a slice of raisin bread to be had. It hasn’t gotten better, although it appears there’s no real shortage of toilet paper and the like. The stores just can’t keep some things on the shelves very long.

This will pass, although the death toll will be astounding. There will be major changes in many things we took for granted. All restaurants and bars in Texas are closed now, and many will never reopen because profit margins are thin even in good times. Many major retailers have suffered in the past year or two, and the pandemic may push them into bankruptcy.  The stock market has done well for several years, but it will undoubtedly take several more before we’re back to the “good old days” of 2019.

If you’re “forced” to work from home, enjoy it. Savor the freedom from traffic and the grind of your workplace. Take time to play with your kids, watch a movie with your significant other and enjoy a candlelight dinner, even if it’s hamburger helper and a glass of Two Buck Chuck. There are silver linings to everything, so find yours. It’ll help keep you sane when you’re going stir crazy!

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