Song Titles for Dallas in March 2015“Let it Snow!  Let it Snow!  Let it Snow”“Stormy Weather”“Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on my Head”

It’s easy to be creative when you have snow on the ground outside and haven’t seen the sun in two weeks.  The weather’s been crazy in Dallas – we aren’t used to this cold, rainy, sleety, snowy stuff.  It keeps me at the computer, working, while
snoring dogs lie in the office next to me. And five o’clock (the hour the martinis magically appear) comes around
faster when you’ve put in a full day’s work!

My days have been spent wrapping up The Relic of the King, getting it corrected, formatted, sized, adding the cover and preparing it for publication very shortly.  I love this time when the book’s finished (except for a hundred changes tactfully suggested
by my beta readers and gratefully accepted by me).  You can see the light at the end of the tunnel yet again, for another book, when you’re at this stage and it’s fun.

Sometimes it’s hard to keep my mind on the mechanics of being a writer.  Lately I’ve taken Russell Blake’s* advice and begun to focus a percentage of my workday on marketing and interaction with readers.  It would be easy just to write, write, write but these things don’t sell themselves.  Thanks to social media, the Internet and a dozen other ways to reach out, the word is quickly spreading.  Thanks, everyone, for the support and interest in my Brian Sadler Archaeological Mystery series.

I’m excited about the new direction I’m going, The Crypt Trilogy.  The first in the series, The Relic of the King, will be released
in a couple of weeks.  It’s about the old part of London that’s been occupied since before Jesus’ time.  A bookseller falls through his basement one morning and finds a room down below.  The secrets it holds are monumental and will change history.

The second and third volumes of this series will be released later in 2015.  Those of you who are signed up on my website ( will get an email and a chance to win an advance review copy of the books.  Just visit the site and click “Sign Up for the Latest News”.

*If you don’t know who Russell Blake is you’re missing some very exciting reading.  Look him up at or search for his books on Amazon.  He’s becoming more well-known by the day, especially since he’s co-authored two books with Clive
Cussler recently.  Russell’s Jet series were action thrillers I literally couldn’t put down at night.  I found myself reading when I should have been writing.  Thanks a lot, Russell!

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