The Strangest Thing (Book 3)

As the President of the United States disappears within the bowels of a Mayan temple the world holds its breath. What lies deep beneath the Temple of the Inscriptions in Palenque, Mexico? Does it shed light on a thousand-year-old question? Amateur archaeologist Brian Sadler intends to find out.

Hundreds of years ago the Maya proliferated throughout Mexico and Central America, evolving from farmers and warriors to master architects and stonemasons in an inconceivably short span of time. Their massive multi-story temples are built of stone blocks – some weighing more than a hundred tons and sitting a hundred feet above the ground. These stones fit together so precisely a sheet of paper couldn’t slip between them. Yet these Indians apparently built their multi-story temples using nothing but stone hand tools. Who – or what – taught them how? This book offers a theory.

When, in one such Mayan ruin, a U.S. President vanishes without a trace from a chamber with only one exit, America’s newly appointed President calls on his old friend Brian Sadler to find out the answer.

Deep in the jungles of southern Mexico Sadler makes an astonishing discovery – something that might literally be The Strangest Thing . . . ever.

This is the third title in the Brian Sadler Archaeological Mystery series. First was the award-winning book The Bethlehem Scroll, followed by Ancient: A Search for the Lost City of the Mayas. It features stockbroker-turned-antiquities dealer Brian Sadler.

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