ANCIENT: A Search for the Lost City of the Mayas (Book 2)

“This is the second book in the Brian Sadler series that I’ve read. The first, I read in 20 hours flat. This one was close. I have a passion for South America and history and this book satisfied both as well as combining an element of mystery” – David Green, Amazon Reviewer

An expedition disappears while searching for a forgotten Mayan City.

A treasure trove of gold and ancient manuscripts lies hidden for hundreds of years in the rain forests of Guatemala.

Powerful men will do anything to gain a prize once thought lost forever – a priceless collection of Mayan relics.

Former Dallas stockbroker and owner of a New York gallery specializing in artifacts and relics, Brian Sadler continues the adventures that began in the award-winning book The Bethlehem Scroll.

The wealthy antiquities dealer and amateur archaeologist asks his companion Nicole Farber, a beautiful criminal lawyer from Dallas, to join him in Central America. She goes missing as Sadler begins the search for a vanished explorer who has spent a lifetime searching for a legendary Mayan city of gold.

Mystery surrounds Brian Sadler’s search as he discovers that powerful and dangerous people are interested in what could be the archaeological discovery of the century. They will do anything to get it, including kidnapping and murdering whoever stands in their way. Follow the intrigue and adventure from New York to London to Dallas, then to Belize and Guatemala, home of the ancient Mayans, in this exciting archaeological mystery.

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