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The Iron Door

Famous outlaws Jesse James, Belle Starr and the Younger brothers hatch a daring plan to rob a payroll train carrying millions in gold. They take their loot to a secure place they’ve prepared, where some think it remains to this day. Residents of southwestern Oklahoma know the legendary Cave of the Iron Door, a vault built long ago in the rugged Wichita Mountains. Since the 1870s, several claim to have seen a metal door set high in a cliff face, gleaming brilliantly for a few seconds as the sun’s last rays illuminate it. But no one who sees it has ever been able to retrace his steps and find it a second time.

Through bizarre twists of fate, Brian’s wife Nicole Sadler ends up with a job she never imagined having. As she takes care of business on a national scale, Brian and his best friend, former president Harry Harrison, learn of a cryptic poem written by a past president and memorialized in the president’s book of secrets –a fascinating mystery in itself! Clues discovered in a historical museum in Lawton, Oklahoma lead the adventurers into the mountains, where a mysterious figure on horseback monitors their progress. Trapped in a cavern far below the surface, Brian and Harry must figure a way to escape while eluding those who are hell-bent on taking the treasure and allowing no one to stand in their way.


Bill Thompson


Bill has always had a burning interest in archaeological finds, mysteries of the past, unexplained things in the jungle and stories of adventure in remote places.  Over the years he traveled extensively around the world and visited sites such as Machu Picchu, Stonehenge, Avebury, Egypt, Petra and many ancient Olmec, Aztec and Maya cities in Mexico, Belize and Guatemala.  
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