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From his childhood, Bill Thompson had a curiosity of the world that led him to remote mountains, jungle ruins, desert pyramids and more.

Bill Thompson

Bill Thompson became a corporate entrepreneur early.  At age 12 he started a company to buy and sell coins.  By age 25 he had started an insurance agency that ultimately became one of the largest in Oklahoma.  Expanding that firm and adding more, Bill created a financial services holding company that operated in several states plus Bermuda, the Cayman Islands and England.

If variety is the spice of life, author Bill Thompson’s life so far has been spicy for sure!  Over the years, and in no particular order, he’s been:

  • an international insurance broker
  • a mayor
  • head of a state prison board
  • a stockbroker
  • a newspaper reporter
  • a Bourbon Street piano player
  • a corporate entrepreneur
  • presented to Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip
  • in jail (briefly … and wrongly!)
  • a goat herder
  • a church organist and choir member
  • a real estate broker
  • a world traveler
  • president of an animal shelter
  • a husband, father and grandfather
  • an observer at a knighting in Westminster
  • a fluent Russian speaker
  • a passenger on the Concorde
  • a caregiver
  • a lifetime dog lover
  • an award-winning novelist

Bill has always had a burning interest in archaeological finds, mysteries of the past, unexplained things in the jungle and stories of adventure in remote places.  Over the years he traveled extensively around the world and visited sites such as Machu Picchu, Stonehenge, Avebury, Egypt, Petra and many ancient Olmec, Aztec and Maya cities in Mexico, Belize and Guatemala.

Bill and his wife live in Dallas, Texas with three dogs, travel a lot, eat and drink well and have fun living life.

Recognized by

Billy Whistler
2020 EVVY second place for Horror
The Experiments
Bronze (3rd) 2020 IPPY for Horror
2020 EVVY First place for horror
Die Again
2021 EVVY third place for Horror
The Proctor Hall Horror

2021 EVVY third place for thriller/suspense

Bethlehem Scroll 
1st place for Fiction EVVY award 2011

1st place for Horror, EVVY award 2018
IPPY silver award for horror
Independent Book Awards 2019 for paranormal activity
IPPY finalist for regional fiction/southeast
IPPY finalist for book cover design

The Last Christmas
2021 Pinnacle Book Award

Order of Succession
EVVY 2018 1st place for thriller/suspense
EVVY 2018 1st place for action/adventure

Temple: The Prophecy of the Hidden Treasure
EVVY 2018 2nd place for action/adventure
Independent Book Awards 2019 for political fiction thriller
Independent Book Awards 2019 winner for religion-fiction
Independent Book Awards 2019 finalist for historical-fiction

The Nursery
Independent Book Awards winner 2019 for paranormal activity
Independent Book Awards winner 2019 winner for regional fiction/southeast
Independent Book Awards winner 2019 winner for book cover design
EVVY 2019 Third place for Horror 
EVVY 2019 Merit for thriller/suspense

The Black Cross
EVVY 2019 First place for action/adventure
EVVY 2019 Third place for thriller/suspense

Forgotten Men
EVVY 2019 Second place for Horror

bill thompson

Award-winning best-selling author

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