Bayou Hauntings Book Seven is in the Works!

Thanks to my faithful readers who not only buy and download each title as it’s released, but also email me with comments. I’m particularly gratified that so many of you have asked if the Bayou Hauntings series will continue.

I just can’t let Landry, Cate, Henri Duchamp and newest cast member Jack Blair ride off into a sunset along the bayou somewhere in south Louisiana. They’ve told me they’re up for another book – or two or three!

The Proctor Hall Horror – book seven in the series — will be released on October 1. Set along the beautiful Bayou Lafourche near Thibodaux, Louisiana, it’s a more traditional ghost story than some of the others. Back in 1963, a fourteen-year-old boy who’s never spoken a word is found sitting quietly on a stairway in his house. In a nearby sitting room, his mother, father and younger sister sit next to each other on a couch.

At least most of their bodies are on the couch. Their heads are neatly arranged on the mantel. The boy – the only living person at Proctor Hall — is deemed unable to stand trial and spends decades locked away. When he’s released at last, he comes back to live at in the old house.

For a class assignment, a university professor sends a team to the old plantation with a goal to learn about the now-abandoned house and its mysterious past. As the students uncover secrets, the school project becomes a tragedy beyond imagination. Landry and the crew are called in to investigate. As they learn the truth, the dark things that lurk inside Proctor Hall may claim even more victims.

bill thompson

Award-winning best-selling author

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