Midnight Pass (Mysterious America Book 2)


On Labor Day weekend, 1935, a hurricane struck the west coast of Florida. The tiny town of Midnight Pass took the worst of it; every resident—a hundred and sixty-two men, women and children—died that day. In one terrible afternoon, the place morphed from a friendly coastal community into a place of horror, its streets filled with ruined buildings and bloated corpses. Rescue workers finally arrived, found no one to save, and hundreds of cadavers were stacked like firewood and cremated on site.

Paranormal investigator Landry Drake goes to Midnight Pass to investigate recent mysterious disappearances and learns why old-timers claim the town is the devil’s workshop. Memories of the past haunt Landry as a friend vanishes and he must face the ultimate challenge to redeem his friend’s soul…and his own.

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bill thompson

Award-winning best-selling author

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