The Iron Door (Brian Sadler Book 8)


Famous outlaws Jesse James, Belle Starr and the Younger brothers hatch a daring plan to rob a payroll train carrying millions in gold. They take their loot to a secure place they’ve prepared, where some think it remains to this day. Residents of southwestern Oklahoma know the legendary Cave of the Iron Door, a vault built long ago in the rugged Wichita Mountains. Since the 1870s, several claim to have seen a metal door set high in a cliff face, gleaming brilliantly for a few seconds as the sun’s last rays illuminate it. But no one who sees it has ever been able to retrace his steps and find it a second time.

Through bizarre twists of fate, Brian’s wife Nicole Sadler ends up with a job she never imagined having. As she takes care of business on a national scale, Brian and his best friend, former president Harry Harrison, learn of a cryptic poem written by a past president and memorialized in the president’s book of secrets –a fascinating mystery in itself! Clues discovered in a historical museum in Lawton, Oklahoma lead the adventurers into the mountains, where a mysterious figure on horseback monitors their progress. Trapped in a cavern far below the surface, Brian and Harry must figure a way to escape while eluding those who are hell-bent on taking the treasure and allowing no one to stand in their way.

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bill thompson

Award-winning best-selling author

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