My Next Novel … and Your Homework Assignment!

Landry Drake, Cate Adams and the Bayou Hauntings team get a break for the holidays, while my readers get something different. In early December I’ll release a feel-good ghost story set in an eerie old castle in Scotland. A family gathers for what their mother calls the Last Christmas, and she gives them a set of mysterious clues that could lead to a long-hidden prize.

I visited Scotland last fall, walked through the eerie ruins of Dunnottar Castle (on which I based the castle in my book), and I heard fabulous tales about Bonnie Prince Charlie, the Jacobite uprising and the ill-fated (for the Scots, at least) Battle of Culloden. 

Reader, your mission – should you choose to accept it – is to check out a terrific article on the Ancient Origins website about legendary lost Jacobite gold hidden in the Scottish highlands. I incorporated this folk tale into my Christmas novel, and I think you’ll enjoy this fascinating treasure story. Here’s the link to read it:

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