The Atonement (The Bayou Hauntings Book 8)


• An unspeakable crime with tragic consequences

• A family ripped apart on one horrifying afternoon

• A father who seeks help from a friend who will take everything from him

Paranormal investigator Landry Drake and his team take on a malevolent child spirit seeking revenge at Merilee Plantation, an ancient mansion on Bayou Teche. When several people are found hanged from the same chandelier in an upstairs hallway, Landry goes to Merilee, only to become a pawn in a bizarre game. He is kidnapped and taken to a rusty trawler near the Gulf of Mexico. When he escapes, he learns he’s a suspect in yet another bizarre death inside the decaying mansion.

From a senator’s smoky den in Washington to the spooky bayous of St. Martin and Iberia parishes, The Atonement is a race to learn who’s behind a massive cover-up and string of murders inside Merilee Plantation. How many must die before the ghost is satisfied? Can powerful men keep their secrets hidden away? And will ghost hunter Landry Drake solve the enigma before more people hang at Merilee? Not until the end—when time runs out and the secrets are revealed—will the phantom exact atonement for the sins of so many.

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bill thompson

Award-winning best-selling author

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