Six books for eight bucks? What a bargain!

Thanks to everyone for your support and interest in my books. In anticipation of my upcoming seventh novel in the Bayou Hauntings series, we’re releasing an e-book bundle containing the first six books. For just under eight dollars you get Callie, Forgotten Men, The Nursery, Billy Whistler, The Experiments and my most recent book, Die Again

This bundle is available now for pre-order at Amazon, and it will be available for download on September 4, just in time for a long Labor Day weekend.

2 thoughts on “Six books for eight bucks? What a bargain!”

  1. Hello, I already read most of those books, and I love them! I would like to receive The Bethlehem Scrolls. Thank You

    1. Thanks for your comments, Sadie. To get the free Scroll ebook download, go to and click the button “subscribe” at the top. Follow instructions after that to get your download. If you have problems, let us know and we’ll make it work. Thanks again and stay safe.

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